Westin Plus – a design and performance service

Westin provide a design and performance service which enables customers to adapt existing products to their own specification.

Modify a wide range of features from a number of Westin Product models to create a hood to suit your kitchen; whether through aesthetics, performance, or a combination of the two.

You will find the Westin Plus emblem next to relevant products throughout this site and in our brochure.

We also offer Westin Bespoke­ — a consultation service for larger or more complex projects.


westin plus - customise the performance

The effectiveness of a cooker hood depends on the style, the motor, the size of duct, the length of the duct run and the number of bends it has.

For serious cooks it is important that the performance isn’t compromised so more powerful motors, or a combination of motors can be used to achieve the desired extraction in the kitchen.


westin plus - change the dimensions

Any dimension of the hood can be changed to suit the design of the kitchen, whether it be the width, depth, height or all three. In addition, the internal size or shape can be altered — including the duct position — to suit the space available.

Hoods can be made to fit furniture, unusual chimneys or ceiling voids.

Colour and finish

westin plus - change the colour or finish

Hoods are available in brushed or polished stainless steel, or they can be painted to match any RAL colour or to match a provided swatch. A painted finish can be in either matt, satin or gloss.

Hoods can be mirror finished or coated in a range of liquid metal finishes and textures. See The Finishing Touch page for more information. Additionally, hoods can be clad in any material that you supply.


westin plus - change the filters

The mesh filters can be replaced by stainless steel baffle filters or a panel of any finish can be added to hide the filters from view.


westin plus - change the lights

The lights on a hood can be adapted in many ways. The colour temperature can be chosen, they can be painted, removed completely or the number of lights in the hood can be changed.

You can choose the shape and style of the lights; square, spotlights, strip lights, light bars or a light box. The hood can incorporate your own lights to ensure a match with the other lights in the kitchen. The lights can either be controlled by the hood or integrated to switch on with other room lights.


westin plus - change the controls

Controls can be push button, rotary, remote control or a combination of each. They can be situated on the hood or separate from it on a wall or in a cupboard.