Westin’s Huddersfield investment completes next phase

June 2017

Westin invests in its Huddersfield site

The next phase of expansion to Westin’s Huddersfield head office site is complete.

Westin has been manufacturing at Phoenix Mills in Huddersfield since 1921. The purchase of adjoining property, Grove Works was made at the close of 2014, increasing Westin’s space from 22,000 square feet to 76,000 square feet. This means the Westin site is accessible from both Leeds Road and St Andrews Road.

Fifty percent of scheduled work converting the former Grove Works property into different areas for the Westin group of companies is complete.

To date, Westin’s service area, warehousing, packing and test facilities, as well as offices and production for other companies in the Westin group have been finished and are in place. The new parking and delivery areas are also in use.

Renovation work to the first two floors of the former Grove Works within the investment site is complete, with the remaining work to the top floor still underway.

This final phase, due for completion in 2019, will include greater office space for the ever expanding Westin team, meeting rooms and a large product showroom. The plan is to move the Customer Service Team, Customer Account Managers and the finance department to the new site, enabling the current site to be used for Manufacturing offices and training facilities.

Managing Director’s Ian Sheppard said:

“This investment marks the next logical progression for Westin. Our growth means expanded facilities are essential to meet the requirements of the business in terms of product growth and workforce, and I am delighted that this next phase is complete.”