Remote Motors

Why use a remote motor rather than an internal motor?
  • You may wish to remove the noise from the cooker hood and the kitchen.
  • The dimensions you have may not allow for an internal motor.
  • The void in your ceiling may prevent the use of an internal motor.
  • You may require bespoke performance.

A remote motor can be placed in any number of positions away from the extractor and different units are available to facilitate this:

Inline motor

Located part way along the ducting, these motors need to be accessible for servicing so are often concealed in cupboards or sited in utility rooms.

Wall mounted motor

These motors are designed to be placed on the external walls of the property and are weather proof.

westin remote motor types

The remote motors shown in this section are designed to work with the Westin Product range of ducted out hoods.

It is also possible to use a combination of motors to achieve higher performance regardless of the length or complicated nature of the duct run.

The Westin Bespoke consultation service provides extraction solutions using both internal and inline motors, and those with more than one remote motor.

For example:

  • long duct runs — over 7 metres straight
  • duct runs with more than 3 bends
  • powerful range cookers
  • indoor barbecues
  • teppanyaki
  • griddles and grills.

Contact our Customer Services Team who will be pleased to give you more information.

inline motor

westin SEM1 remote motor
Duct size:150mm
Free air performance:800m3/hr
westin SEM1 line drawing

inline motor

westin SEM8 remote motor
Duct size:200mm (or 150mm via duct reducer)
Free air performance:1100m3/hr (150mm duct)
1300m3/hr (200mm duct)
westin SEM8 line drawing

wall mounted motor

westin SEM2 remote motor
Duct size:150mm
Free air performance:900m3/hr
westin SEM2 line drawing

wall mounted motor

westin SEM7 remote motor
Duct size:200mm (or 150mm via duct reducer)
Free air performance:1500m3/hr (150mm duct)
1700m3/hr (200mm duct)
westin SEM7 line drawing