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Where can I find the prices for a Westin hood?

Please fill in our contact form ensuring that you tick the boxes for requesting our price lists, and we’ll send them out to you.

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Which style of cooker hood should I choose?

The possibilities are endless and may be determined by the position of your hob…

You might need a wall-mounted extractor that can duct straight to the outside. For an island arrangement we have various styles including slabs, ceiling units and downdrafts. If you can’t find an option on our website please contact our Customer Service Team – or just challenge us with a picture or sketch of your dream hood!

Why would I use a remote motor rather than an internal motor?

This could just be personal choice, or you may have limited space for your hood and need to locate the motor along the ducting, on an external wall or on the roof…

If you have any issues regarding space, then please call the Customer Service Team for advice.

How quiet are Westin cooker hoods?

Noise is very subjective and some people are more sensitive to it than others.

That said, our cooker hoods are low noise. With our wide selection of remote motors, the noise of the cooker hood can be removed from the kitchen entirely.

Can I use a Westin cooker hood with my whole house ventilation system?

We can supply you with a hood to work with your WHVS.

Ideally, we would advise that you duct out your hood as it will not be running continually so should not adversely affect your WHVS. We can supply a recirculation model, or we can build you a hood that your WHVS would control. For further help with this, please don’t hesitate to call the Customer Service Team for assistance and advice.

What speed settings will my cooker hood have?

Our cooker hoods generally come with 4 speeds. There is a light button and also a run-on timer button to clear any residual odours. After 5 minutes on Speed 4 your hood will drop back to Speed 3.

Can I recirculate my hood?

As specialists in extraction, the best performance is achieved if your cooker hood ducts out. However, we understand that this is not always possible. Some of our hoods are recirculation only – please see the Stratus 360, and others can be supplied as recirculation. Any questions – please contact our Customer Service Team.

Where can I find the manual for my cooker hood?

Please contact our Customer Service Office for any of our manuals, if you need further assistance our Customer Service Team we will be happy to help.

What warranty does my cooker hood have?

Westin cooker hoods are guaranteed for two years from delivery and will be repaired under warranty during that time.

After two years Westin will still repair the cooker hood but a charge will be made. Please see the full details of our warranty by downloading the pdf on our guarantee page.

 What if I have a solid fuel appliance?

It is important to ensure that negative pressures caused by high performance extraction systems do not adversely affect the safe operation of certain fuel-burning appliances (gas, oil or solid fuel) in the kitchen and possibly those installed in other areas of the house.

Adequate ventilation MUST be provided in the room of installation to ensure negative pressure in the room created by the extractor does not exceed 4 Pa. In case of doubt do not operate the extractor and fuel burning appliance(s) simultaneously and consult an appropriate (for the fuel type) expert for advice.

What size ducting should I use?

The minimum duct size is 150mm diameter, although larger ducting may be required should you require a bespoke cooker hood. We advise that the duct run be as short and straight as possible, but if you are at all unsure then please contact the Customer Sales Team for advice.

What distance should there be between my hood and my hob?

The distance varies depending on the hood and the type of cooking. As a general rule of thumb we advise the following as the recommended distance for a hood:

Built-in over hob:Electric450mm850mm
 Wok, griddle etc.750mm850mm
Wall hood: 700mm900mm
Island hood: 700mm900mm
Ceiling hood:at the highest
ceiling point
How do I clean the grease filters?

Please wash your grease filters regularly in either hot soapy water or in the dishwasher, at least every two months.


How do I clean my cooker hood?

Use a stainless steel cleaner which will clean your cooker hood perfectly.

You can also use a specially produced stainless steel cleaning cloth, or washing up detergent and water. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials or products, or bleach based cleaning agents on your cooker hood.

How do I replace the bulbs in my cooker hood?

All Westin hoods are supplied with LED lights which means they require much less maintenance.

What supply fuse do I need for my cooker hood?

All Westin hoods and motors require a 3 Amp supply, apart from the SEM8 and SEM7 remote motors which requires 5 Amp.

If your hood has been made for you through the Westin Bespoke service then please call our Customer Service Team for this information.


What controls can I have on my cooker hood?

Westin cooker hoods can be controlled by push buttons, LCD touch control, remote controls or a combination if required.

The range of Westin hoods have these controls, but the options are endless. If you would like wall mounted controls, or perhaps want to control your cooker hood with your own system, please call our Customer Service Team to discuss the possibilities.

My remote control isn’t working, what should I do?

The battery should be replaced at least once a year (if the remote control is the non-LCD display type), but you will then need to reset the frequency. Please contact our Customer Service Team on 01484 421585 for further help. The new Westin LCD display remote control supplied with new products is rechargeable via the provided USB cable