At Westin we’re aware that no two kitchens are the same and so we offer the Westin Bespoke design and finish service so that you can complete your perfect kitchen with your perfect hood.

tailored design

Whether you require a custom design of hood, a specialised finish, more powerful performance, integration into a home automation system or just something a little bit different — then Westin Bespoke offers you the opportunity to design a cooker hood to your exact requirements.

You can tweak one of our hoods, perhaps by changing the finish or the lights, or go completely bespoke with a uniquely designed solution. Some variation in your choices may be necessary depending on the dimensions of the hood but we can advise on the best way of achieving your goals.

1. style of hood

2. baseplate

The baseplate is the underside of the hood that houses the filters. Choose a traditional honeycomb or mesh design, or perhaps a more industrial-looking stainless steel baffle. You can also conceal the filters completely with a panel of any finish.

3. lights

You can choose the shape, style and number of the lights on the hood; choose from square, spotlights, strip lights, light bars or a light box. They can be painted or you can choose to have no lights at all. The hood can incorporate your own lights to ensure a match with the other lights in the kitchen. The lights can either be controlled from the hood, the Westin Remote or integrated to operate alongside other room lights.

4. the finishing touch

We offer a wide range of finishes for your hood. As well as brushed or polished stainless steel, hoods can be painted, clad or coated. You might want your hood to blend into your kitchen or make it a real focal point.


Cooker hoods can be painted to match any RAL colour or matched to a provided colour swatch. A painted finish can be in matt, satin or gloss.


Liquid metal is an innovative technique which gives a unique finish. The finish shares the same characteristics as real metal in lustre and feel. It will age and patinate in the same way as metal and can be applied to any liquid metal texture. As well as the Westin liquid metal offering listed below, customers have the option of sending their own metal sample to us for matching.

BRASS – Antique, polished or brushed

BRONZE – Antique, polished or brushed

COPPER – Antique, polished or brushed

PEWTER – Antique, polished or brushed


5. Power and performance

The effectiveness of a cooker hood depends on the style, the motor, the size of duct, the length of the duct run and the number of bends it has. For serious cooks it is important that the performance isn’t compromised so more powerful motors, or a combination of motors can be used to achieve the desired extraction in the kitchen.


Our standard motors work perfectly with our product range but more motor options are available. For example, it is also possible to use a combination of motors to achieve higher performance regardless of the length or complicated nature of the duct run, or the power of the cooker or hob.


Why use a remote motor rather than an internal motor?

  • You may wish to remove the noise from the cooker hood and the kitchen.
  • The dimensions of your hood may not allow for an internal motor.
  • The void in your ceiling may prohibit the use of an internal motor.
  • Recirculating options

    Westin 360 technology provides an improved solution to conventional recirculation when it isn’t possible to duct out. The technology is a proven air purification system which is used to clean air in hospitals and space stations. Westin 360 technology works by mimicking the natural process that scrubs the air clean and offers an effective, low maintenance recirculation option. You may wish to remove the noise from the cooker hood and the kitchen.

    6. controls


    Home automation systems have come a long way in recent years, with new technology enabling homeowners to control a wide range of devices and systems using their smartphones or voice commands. One area that has seen particular growth is the kitchen, with a range of appliances now available that can be integrated into home automation systems. Through the bespoke service, Westin are able to integrate hood or motor controls, or both, into all major home automation systems. Contact Westin to discuss requirements.

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