Choosing the right hood for your kitchen

Performance is key – the effectiveness of a cooker hood is not just determined by the power of the motor, it is affected by duct size, duct length, duct bends and the area available for the fumes to collect prior to extraction.

Serious cooks with serious cookers need their hoods to perform. Westin can advise on the most effective solution for you.

Ceiling Hoods

westin - choosing a ceiling hood

Designed to fit British ceilings these hoods are ideal for open plan kitchens. They are most effective if they are mounted in the highest point of the ceiling.

Giving a clear view across the kitchen they provide extraction for the whole room not just the local area of the hob. The fumes reach the hood within minutes so there is not the same instant effect achieved by a conventional hood close to the hob.

Built-in Over Hob Hoods

westin - choosing a built in hood

Designed to fit into a cabinet, inglenook or mantel above the hob these units are very effective at local extraction from the hob.

The fumes reach the hood within seconds and are extracted quickly but any fumes which escape will remain in the room for some time until the air changes.


westin - choosing a downdraft

Designed to fit into the worktop and to disappear when they are not in use, downdrafts are discreet units ideal for minimalist kitchens.

Although not as effective as conventional hoods fitted over the hob, these high-tech models are a popular choice.

Island Hoods

westin - choosing an island hood

Designed as statement pieces over an island these eye-catching hoods with unique styles ensure that the island becomes the key feature in the kitchen.

Their effectiveness does depend on the design as certain styles will have larger areas for the fumes to collect prior to being extracted.

Wall Mounted Hoods

westin - choosing a wall mounted hood

Designed to be wall mounted above the hob, these hoods come in a wide range of designs from the more traditional through to ultra-modern. This enables the cooking area to become the stylish focus of the kitchen.

The effectiveness of these hoods depends on the style as certain designs will have larger areas for the fumes to collect prior to being extracted.

Air Purification Hoods

westin - choosing an air purification hood

Designed to purify the air when there is no possibility to duct out, these hoods benefit from the Westin 360 technology which mimics a natural process that scrubs the air clean and offers an effective, low maintenance recirculation option.

Westin 360 technology has been incorporated into the Stratus 360 ceiling unit as a Westin Product but is available in other hoods by using the Westin Bespoke service.