Coppice house

Company: Abitalia
Designer: Gianluigi Moretti
Hood: Stratus MonO PHOTOGRAPHER: Nick Smith


Cheltenham based designers Abitalia took on this beautiful kitchen project in a stunning period Cotswold style country house, and the resulting design blends Italian style with English period elegance seamlessly.

The client required a space that reflected the elegance of the house and would fit with their life style and love for cooking and entertaining.

beauty & craftsmanship

The kitchen redesign came on the back of a recent kitchen renovation that the clients felt hadn’t fulfilled their desire for a truly social space and they felt that the kitchen wasn’t the focal part of the open plan room and didn’t reflect the architectural importance, as well as not ticking all the desired aesthetic boxes.

Very early in the design process, Abitalia decided to relocate the kitchen and make the island the central part of the design and the focal point of the room. The whole area was perfectly framed by taking advantage of the large rear window with views of the beautiful garden.

The materials selected had to not only convey a welcoming feel, but also an elegance, sympathetic to the property. For the cabinetry, an incredibly rich Zampieri Cucine cross cut veneer was selected to give the immediate sense of beauty and craftsmanship.

To provide a stunning contrast, light Calacatta Gold stone worktops were selected to blend the dark veneer with the gentle stony matt colour of the tall units. Cladding the entire wall around the window with the same Calacatta Gold as the work top framed the window and view perfectly. The two veneer glass units, fully lit up, either side of the window, provide perfect balance and symmetry to the space.

The result

The Westin Stratus Mono ceiling hood was selected above the island hob to provide excellent extraction whilst blending into the surroundings when not in use, and perfectly complimenting the other materials selected.

Once the plans were presented with the relocation of the kitchen, the client had an immediate response to the design, feeling that they had finally found what they were looking for.

The newly created social space was finished with a dedicated drinks area, where wine or Prosecco can be enjoyed with friends and family with full views of this fabulous room and the garden beyond.


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