Bloque Pro

Westin Bloque pro

The Bloque is a robust unit which offers a more industrial look with The Bloque Pro is a dual motor version of the popular Bloque extractor which is designed to fit into kitchen furniture or a chimney, that provides extra power along with increased depth and vaulted fume catchment area for keen cooks.

Width:1200mm & 1500mm
Finish:Stainless steel
Controls:4-speed remote, 4-speed push button
Lighting:3x 2.6W variable warmth (3000–6000K) dimmable LED (4 on 1500mm model)
Filters:Baffle filters, suitable for dishwashers
Duct position:Top or rear (must specify)
Motor options:2x Internal
Energy rating:
(internal motor)
Energy rating:
(remote motor)

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