Westin Cache Twin

westin cache twin built-in over hob hood This twin motor hood combines discretion and power, a built-in unit which is A energy rated and provides an airflow of 1362m3/hour on intensive setting. An ideal solution for cooks with more powerful cookers.
Width: 1100mm
Depth: 292mm
Height: 280mm
Finish: Stainless steel
Controls: 4-speed remote, 4-speed push button
Lighting: 3x 2.6W natural white (4000K) LED
Filters: Aluminium mesh, suitable for dishwashers
Duct position: Top (Rear as a Westin Bespoke option)
Motor options: 2x internal
Energy rating:
(internal motor)
Energy rating:
(remote motor)
Downloads: Line drawing (top outlet)
Line drawing (rear outlet)
Technical data sheet
Energy Efficiency data fiche
westin cache twin line drawing