Westin Stratus Blade

westin stratus blade ceiling hoodThe Stratus Blade is the next step in ceiling hood design incorporating the popular light blades from the Stratus 360 into a ducted out hood.
Height:200mm (remote motor) or 290mm (internal motor)
Finish:Stainless steel
Controls:4-speed remote
Lighting:2 x 10.5W LED light blades; cool (5000K) or warm (3000K)
Filters:Concealed, suitable for dishwashers
Duct position:Left, right, front or rear
Motor options:Internal or remote
Energy rating:
(internal motor)
Energy rating:
(remote motor)
Downloads:Line drawing (internal motor)
Line drawing (remote motor)
Technical data sheet
Energy Efficiency data fiche
westin stratus blade line drawinginternal motor
westin stratus blade line drawingremote motor